Click IT CRM vs HubSpot

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  • $497.00/Month CRM Charges

  •  Phone Charges: $ 0.0277 / segment (160 character = 1 segment. $10 will give you about 360 segments)

  • Email Charges: $0.002363 / email ($10 will give you about 4230 emails)

  • Unlimited Contacts



  • Minimum charge of $35/Month for Text messaging and SMS Functionality (using some external add-ons)

  • When it comes to automation, the Starter plan is not recommended. It doesn’t support the level of automation needed for running a serious business. The only real automation capabilities you have are form and email automation. You will lack the ability to automate across multiple marketing channels or automate your ABM reporting tools. These additional automation features can really streamline operations and make business easier.
  • 3,000 Contacts limit