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NOTE: Depending on your subscription plan, you may not have access to all of the components shown in our instructional videos.

Click IT CRM General Overview:

This video offers an overview of the Click IT CRM dashboard and left sidebar options along with the platform's various sections and features, making it easier for users to navigate and utilize its capabilities effectively.

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Click IT CRM Dashboard Overview:

When you first log into the system, the first item you will see is the Dashboard. This is a broad visual overview of your business including opportunities, pipeline value, and conversion rate, and gives you a greater understanding of where your business is and where it is going. As you scroll through the page you’ll see different tiles giving you information related to your business and be able to quickly view how your customers are moving through pipelines, how your Google Ads and Google My Business page are performing, as well as view tasks assigned to team members.

Click IT CRM Conversation Section Overview:

In this section, you can easily stay connected to leads, clients, prospects, and more through messages and emails. Stay informed about all your inbound and outbound communication by tracking calls, texts, emails, and more. If your business has a social presence too - such as having integrated your Facebook page or Google My Business Listing - this platform allows you another key way of communication by having everything under one roof.

Example Customer Lesson

This is an example of a personal lesson we give to all our new CRM customers, to help them get oriented and start to use the CRM to its full capabilities.