Missed-Call Text-Back Technology is the Key to Business Success

To try our Missed-Call Text-Back functionality,

Call now at (440) 588-3770, and hang up once the auto-attendant answers.

  • Automate your messages; if you ever miss a call, a custom text can go out, even if you have no service.
  • Unlimited texts and calls, choose your phone number from any area code and start receiving and sending calls forwarded to your regular number.
  • ​Comes with a Mobile App: Receive calls on any device and automatically have the contact saved in the app.
  • Comes with Call Recording: Record your calls for training and quality assurance, and stay on top of your team.

Try it!

Call (440) 588-3770, and hang up once the auto-attendent answers.

Missed-Call Text-Back is just one of the many features available with our Ultimate and Premium plans.

Speak with a Click IT representative about our special pricing for just the software, and start benefiting today from this amazing technology.